It is our sole responsibility to achieve the objectives defined in this Quality Assurance Policy as a measure to maintain a specified and improved standard. In order to achieve these objectives, the following measures are followed:

  • We ensure that a great amount of care and complete adherence to all work procedures is carried out during the execution of planned projects, procurements, inspections and tests.
  • Quality is always given priority in all areas of our work operations.
  • We give our clients correct and sufficient information in order to verify and audit all our work activities.
  • We mobilize a qualified and experienced Quality Assurance team to ascertain complete compliance to job specifications and standards and educate all staff of the company on our Quality Assurance policy and their individual responsibilities for its implementation.
  • We try to satisfy all of our clients’ work standards and carefully educate our sub-contractors about the company’s Quality Assurance policy. We shall also present them with clearly written specifications, and supervise their work activities to conform to specifications.
  • We ensure to procure materials and services from vendors and contractors on the basis of our Quality Assurance systems.
  • We instruct and encourage all members of staff not to hide any construction discrepancies or deficiencies once detected, but to report them promptly along the proper lines of communication to where necessary or directly to Quality Assurance Manager for immediate action.