Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) Policy

It is our policy to provide relevant and high quality Personal Protective Equipment (Coveralls, Safety shoes, Rain boots, hard hats, Hand gloves etc.) for all persons engaged in her operations.
Continually, the management shall enforce the effective use and maintenance of available Personal Protective Equipment, which entails regular condition audits and replacement of defective ones.

Site Safety Officers and Supervisors shall continue to monitor compliance with this policy.

Waste Management & Control Policy

Good judgment, management and control of the effects or impacts generated from human activities on the environment (land, water, atmosphere, plants, humans, marine and wild lives all inclusive) is of immense importance to us.
All our activities are well guided with strict commitment to environmental protection in order to:

  • Achieve harmony with the local community.
  • Refrain from avoidable compensation.
  • Avoid work disruptions and stoppages from host community or clients
  • Minimize the potential of waste to cause harm to health.

All regulations/legislation on environmental issues by the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and its appropriate agencies such as Federal Environmental Protection Agency (FEPA) is binding on O.K. ISOKARIARI & SONS (NIGERIA) LIMITED. The environment belongs to us all.