Code of Practice

Commitment to Health, Safety & Environment

Our commitments are to:

  • Pursue the goal of no harm to people
  • Monitor the health of all employees on a regular basis.
  • Use materials and energy efficiently to provide our services.
  • Manage HSE matters as any other critical business activity.
  • Play a leading role in promoting the best practices in our sector.
  • Promote a culture in which all employees share this commitment.

By so doing, we aim to have an HSE performance we can be proud of, to earn the confidence of customers, shareholders and society at large, to be a good neighbour and to contribute to sustainable development.

Alcohol, Drug & Smoking Policy

Drug taken without a trained first aider’s prescription amounts to abuse. Therefore, on no account shall a drug be taken without the consent and under the administration of a trained first aider.

Drinking, storage and use of alcohol within the perimeter of any of our sites or offices is strictly prohibited.

Smoking is injurious to health. Therefore, smoking of any sort, inhalation or chewing of tobacco is prohibited in our offices and on ALL our work sites.

To this end, the management will discipline appropriately employees and contractors who flaunt the stipulations of this policy.

Seat Belt Policy

We ensure:

  • All company vehicles are fitted with functional seat belts.
  • All occupants of a moving vehicle wear seat belts.
  • Any vehicle which does not meet with the above requirements, is not given access into our premises.

Access Control Policy
  • Access to any Restricted Area is on permission basis.
  • All Visitors, Authorized personnel or Representatives of O.K.I are expected to sign in and out in the correspondence registers provided.
  • Visitors to sites shall be briefed on behaviour on site, clothed with appropriate PPE and shall be escorted by the Safety Officer (where necessary) as a condition for admittance.
  • Movement of materials in and out of our sites shall be by Materials/Goods Received Notes & Materials/Goods Issued Notes respectively.
Security Policy

An essential part of the overall company’s management is the management of the lives of the company’s personnel, client and third party. This also applies to the company, client or third party’s equipment or facilities.

To ensure effectiveness in this management, the company as a matter of policy, takes responsibility of the security of all personnel, client representatives and third parties in all our work sites and offices.

In furtherance of this, the company employs trained (unarmed) security officers. Also the services of licensed and professional security organizations are secured on retainership basis to boost the overall company security system.

However local security men from the host community where we operate are engaged.

Armed security agencies, such as the Mobile Police, Air force, Army, or Navy shall not be used in any of our work sites. They shall however be invited in riot situations, which are out of control of the Nigeria Police Force.

Community Affairs Policy
  • We shall continue to identify with the needs and aspirations of her host communities and also her client’s host communities in the execution of its operation.
  • We are of the view that we shall not operate in isolation and therefore shall liaise with her client’s host communities, relevant Government departments and others in order to ensure a safe and peaceful working atmosphere.
  • We shall also ensure the building and sustenance of solid harmonious relationships with clients and host communities and shall exhaust every known peaceful strategy to resolve conflicts in case of any disagreement.
Environmental Protection Policy
  • We plan and execute all our operations in such a manner as to minimize any adverse effect or impact on the environment in which we operate.
  • We handle the planning and execution of all our projects in an environmentally sound manner.
  • We dispose all disposable substances in an environmentally sound manner also. The discharge into air or water bodies of any form of pollutants is forbidden.

All regulations/legislation on environmental issues by the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and its appropriate agencies such as Federal Environmental Protection Agency (FEPA) is binding on O.K. ISOKARIARI & SONS (NIGERIA) LIMITED. The environment belongs to us all.

Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) Policy

It is our policy to provide relevant and high quality Personal Protective Equipment (Coveralls, Safety shoes, Rain boots, hard hats, Hand gloves etc.) for all persons engaged in her operations.
Continually, the management shall enforce the effective use and maintenance of available Personal Protective Equipment, which entails regular condition audits and replacement of defective ones.

Site Safety Officers and Supervisors shall continue to monitor compliance with this policy.

Waste Management & Control Policy

Good judgment, management and control of the effects or impacts generated from human activities on the environment (land, water, atmosphere, plants, humans, marine and wild lives all inclusive) is of immense importance to us.
All our activities are well guided with strict commitment to environmental protection in order to:

  • Achieve harmony with the local community.
  • Refrain from avoidable compensation.
  • Avoid work disruptions and stoppages from host community or clients
  • Minimize the potential of waste to cause harm to health.

All regulations/legislation on environmental issues by the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and its appropriate agencies such as Federal Environmental Protection Agency (FEPA) is binding on O.K. ISOKARIARI & SONS (NIGERIA) LIMITED. The environment belongs to us all.

Cashes Policy

All O.K. ISOKARIARI & SONS (NIGERIA) LIMITED employees plan and perform their activities in accordance with the CASHES policy.

Any activity is suspended if/when the employee believes that it cannot be carried out in accordance with the policy and must report this immediately to his supervisor.

We have a policy that our business will be organized, planned and executed in such a manner as to:

  • Protect and promote the health of the workforce as well as to conduct all activities in such a manner as not to adversely affect any third party.
  • Avoid injury to all workers, subcontractors, and third parties who are either involved in or are affected by our activities.
  • Ensure the personal security of the workforce and third parties from hostile action.
  • Minimize the impact on the environment in which we operate.
  • Promote community relations with the host communities.
  • Observe our clients’ CASHES rules and regulations and ensure that the clients’ CASHES objectives are achieved.

All regulations/legislation on environmental issues by the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and its appropriate agencies such as Federal Environmental Protection Agency (FEPA) is binding on O.K. ISOKARIARI & SONS (NIGERIA) LIMITED. The environment belongs to us all.

Business Continuity Plan Policy Statement

We take all reasonable steps to ensure that in the event of a service interruption, essential services will be maintained and normal services restored as soon as possible. To ensure that this happens, we have in place robust business continuity and service recovery plans that are regularly reviewed and tested.

Heads of Department produce robust business continuity and service recovery plans whilst the Management provide planning templates, procedures and support through our risk management arrangements.

Quality Assurance Policy Statement

It is our sole responsibility to achieve the objectives defined in this Quality Assurance Policy as a measure to maintain a specified and improved standard. In order to achieve these objectives, the following measures are followed:

  • We ensure that a great amount of care and complete adherence to all work procedures is carried out during the execution of planned projects, procurements, inspections and tests.
  • Quality is always given priority in all areas of our work operations.
  • We give our clients correct and sufficient information in order to verify and audit all our work activities.
  • We mobilize a qualified and experienced Quality Assurance team to ascertain complete compliance to job specifications and standards and educate all staff of the company on our Quality Assurance policy and their individual responsibilities for its implementation.
  • We try to satisfy all of our clients’ work standards and carefully educate our sub-contractors about the company’s Quality Assurance policy. We shall also present them with clearly written specifications, and supervise their work activities to conform to specifications.
  • We ensure to procure materials and services from vendors and contractors on the basis of our Quality Assurance systems.
  • We instruct and encourage all members of staff not to hide any construction discrepancies or deficiencies once detected, but to report them promptly along the proper lines of communication to where necessary or directly to Quality Assurance Manager for immediate action.
Nigerian Local Content Development Policy
  • We shall fully comply with the Nigerian Local Content Development Policy as required by law.
  • We shall promote the improvement of our Nigerian workforce by encouraging training, both locally through in-house training programmes and also by sponsoring personnel to the facilities of our Affiliates. These personnel, mainly Technicians and Engineers will in turn pass on knowledge to other company employees working alongside them at our various projects and facilities.
  • We shall endeavour to, wherever possible, recruit Nigerian personnel resident in, or belonging to, the same area or nearest village to where the work or services are carried out.
  • We shall ensure staff continuing education/training due to the immense benefits accruable to us and our clients. Our new recruits shall undergo classroom type training in basic Engineering and our business environment. Our other cadre of staff, such as senior and intermediate engineers shall attend training course in recognized institutions locally and overseas. The business units shall undergo continuing education courses and attend seminars.
  • We shall source all materials for our works locally, as evidenced by various suppliers invoices for materials supplied for works. The procurement section is encouraged to search nationally for raw materials. However, for some projects some major equipment and materials can only be obtained abroad but this will be kept to a minimum.
  • The company will develop further its Mechanical/Electrical Workshop Facilities and these will be used to fabricate parts for equipment and tools used for its operations to successfully complete project to specification.
  • We shall utilize local Subcontractors wherever possible to assist in execution of the work. Again, evidence of this may be seen from the list of local subcontractors contained herein. This will encourage small local contractors to develop and expand so they in turn will benefit and the economy will grow.
  • In carrying on our business, we shall employ many local service providers, such as Banks, Auditors, Transport Companies, etc.

Anti-Corruption/Bribery Compliance Policy
  1. O.K. ISOKARIARI & SONS (NIGERIA) LIMITED’s Anti-Corruption Compliance Policy underscores the corporate commitment to the highest ethical standards in all business dealings and transactions.
  2. The Policy is in accordance with the provisions of domestic and international anti-corruption guidelines which include but not limited to the Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offenses Act, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act et al.
  3. All O.K.I suppliers must also comply with this policy to prevent bribery & corruption within its supply chain. The company does not in any way encourage bribery or receipt of gifts within their supply chain and ensures adherence to this policy in every facet of her business operations.
  4. To this end, O.K.I prohibits direct or indirect Payment or offering anything of value to any Government Official or Clients’ Representative to persuade that official to help the company obtain business or other benefits.
  5. A person is guilty of an offence if this is carried out with the intention of influencing the official in the exercise of the official’s duties in order to obtain or retain business or obtain or retain business advantage which is not legitimately due.
  6. This policy also extends to all company’s financial record-keeping activities and is integrated with the obligations to which the company is already subject by virtue of all applicable laws. This entails adequate record keeping of all transactions and processes.
  7. All O.K.I Personnel are expected to conduct company’s business legally and ethically. Improper gifts, payment or offerings of anything of value to public officials or clients’ representatives could jeopardize the company’s growth and reputation. Therefore every employee of O.K.I must comply with this anti- corruption policy.
  8. The use of company’s funds or assets for any unlawful, improper or unethical purpose is prohibited. Specifically, it is the company’s policy to comply fully with the code as more particularly enshrined in the Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offenses Act of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

The year 2017 marks a major milestone for O.K. Isokariari & Sons (Nigeria) Limited. We marked our 46 years of attaining unvarying quality and offering diversified services.

We are delighted as we look back at the journey so far. We are profoundly indebted to our customers. We would not have attained this height without your commitment to the company. Thank you for believing in us.

To our ever diligent team, who have worked relentlessly to set a standard of quality over the past years, thank you for making our reputation solid, helping us to build tomorrow’s community today.

On the beams of quality we are building dreams. We look forward to serving you for the approaching years.