Who we are

O.K. ISOKARIARI & SONS (NIGERIA) LIMITED is a leading Engineering, Procurement and Construction company with over 45 years of work experience. We are known for our pragmatic value delivery, which flows from our people centric approach, committed professionals and prudent management.

O.K. ISOKARIARI & SONS (NIGERIA) LIMITED provides services for clients with high standards for quality and safety. We are known by the emphasis we place on our customer’s experience during the construction process, our investment in ongoing innovation and our deep commitment to the communities in which we operate.

We are committed to building our intellectual capacity with safety and quality, being an integral part of our everyday business. Quality is what we pursue, we know what we do. Have an assurance in knowing we will get your project going and make your dreams come to reality. Our reputation is the proof that we get to the peak of all our projects within the agreed time and we pride in the quality we deliver. We satisfy each and every client to make them proud, honor all our obligations to enhance the reputation of our industry and strive to improve the society at large.

At O.K.ISOKARIARI & SONS (NIGERIA) LIMITED, we never stop working on a better way. From how we communicate with our customers to how we research and develop new approaches.


O.K. ISOKARIARI & SONS (NIGERIA) LIMITED was established in 1970 as a Non-Limited Liability firm. Following its growth and success, the business was incorporated as a Limited Liability Company in 1972. It has over the years built a track record of efficiency, competence, real time and value added services to its varied clients. O.K. ISOKARIARI & SONS (NIGERIA) LIMITED has expanded to meet the needs of the region as the demands for improved infrastructures increase.

Our reputation is based on professionalism, the capacity to plan, design, construct, and maintain a variety of engineering and construction projects to the satisfaction of our clients. We pride ourselves in our experience and expertise to mobilize and commence projects within and outside Nigeria in record time while still retaining our commitment, strength and unmatched quality service delivery.


At O.K.ISOKARIARI & SONS (NIGERIA) LIMITED, our core values are Quality, Professionalism, Team Work, Timely delivery and Integrity.
Our vision is to be a preferred choice in the DELIVERY of QUALITY ENGINEERING services in Nigeria and in the West African Region.
And our Mission, is to promote continuous research, innovation and good governance.


As key to the continuous success of O. K. Isokariari & Sons (Nigerian) limited, we take our responsibilities to a wider community. Our community links are symbolized by the cenotaph donated by the company to the people of Rivers State which stands in Port Harcourt’s Isaac Boro Park.

Also, to mark the city’s centenary and as a tribute to the people of the city, we built the King Amachree Memorial Hall in Buguma City main square at Buguma in Asari Toru L.G.A of Rivers State.

The health and prosperity of the local community is considered a thing of high importance, because of its direct effect on our operations. Each year, O.K. Isokariari & Sons (Nigeria) limited puts aside a share of its business profits for distribution to nominated charities and community development projects.


At O.K. ISOKARIARI & SONS (NIGERIA) LIMITED, flowing from our renowned standards and high principles, we are committed to enhancing Nigerian content with all our projects. We fully comply with the Nigerian Local Content Development Policy as required by law. We promote the improvement of our Nigerian workforce by encouraging training, both locally through in-house training programs and also by sponsoring personnel to the facilities of our affiliates. We also encourage the procurement and use of local raw materials from our immediate environment. We endeavor to wherever possible, recruit Nigerian personnel resident in, or belonging to the same area or nearest village to where the works or services are carried out.


Drinking, storage and use of alcohol within the perimeter of all our sites and offices is prohibited. This also applies to drug usage and smoking.


All operations of O.K. ISOKARIARI are carried in line with available standards and regulations geared towards environmental protection, waste management control and access control with the object of ensuring safety and health of its employees and visitors to the site. All company vehicles are fitted with functional seat belts and high quality Personal Protective Equipment are provided for all persons engaged in her operations.


It is our responsibility to have in place a robust business continuity and service recovery plans that are regularly reviewed and tested. We put these plans to action to assure your satisfaction and to give an assurance that we will get your project going. And deliver on time without any extra cost.


As an essential part of our overall management, we take responsibility for the security of all personnel, client representatives and third parties in all our work sites and premises. We do not operate in isolation; we liaise with client communities, relevant government departments and others in order to ensure a safe and peaceful working atmosphere.


At O.K. ISOKARIARI & SONS (NIGERIA) LIMITED, great amount of care and complete adherence is accorded to all work procedures, procurements, inspection and testing. Quality is always given priority in all areas of our work operations.

To this effect, a qualified and experienced Quality Assurance team is mobilized to ascertain complete compliance to job specifications and standard. We let our quality work and commitment to customer satisfaction be our slogan.